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You Child's First Pediatric Dental Visit

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The most common question we have regarding children is about what age should they start going to the dentist. At Temecula Kids Dentist – Dr. Mike Lee, we follow the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry on when a child should first see a dentist. Accordingly, you should bring your child to see us when the first tooth comes through the gums.

During the first dental visit, we will get to know your child and get him/her acquainted with the dental office. During the initial visit, we also evaluate the child’s dental health, as well as offer tips on good dental care for your child. Our goal is to have our youngest patients feel comfortable and happy about visiting the dentist!

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What To Expect

For your child’s first visit to Temecula Kids Dentistry, we like to do a comprehensive examination. This includes looking at your child’s teeth along with the supporting structures of the gums. We will also address your child’s oral hygiene, as well as clean your child’s teeth. We will look at your child’s bite and will only take X-rays if necessary. This is the optimal time to ask questions about your child’s mouth and teeth.

Dental Home

Your “Dental Home” is a continuous relationship between your child and your child’s dentist.
We encourage parents to come to their first dental visit to make it a positive and enjoyable experience.  We believe that parents should be involved in their child’s oral care. 
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Preparing Your Child

  • Schedule a morning appointment for younger children since they are more alert in the morning time. 
  • Visit other pages on our website with your child to help familiarize them with our office and dentists.
  • Refrain from using any key words that could scare them such as shot and drill.